Great Collection of Videos about Masks 

Does Jacinda Ardern and her ministers really believe masks are necessary or is it all just for show to keep us in a state of fear and compliance?

COVID Cosplay


This 'timeline' video, has the "before and after" statements, and shows why Governments around the world changed - political lobbying and following the lower quality science.

How we went from being told not to wear masks to being

mandated to wear them










Professor Michael Baker from Otago University and advisor to the Government, gave a talk in the Kapiti Coast in July 2021. He spoke on a range of topics inlcuding the wearing of face masks to stop covid-19 transmission.


Challenging Epidemiologist Michael Baker on Face Masks & Mass Masking










Dr Gary Sidley explains the lack of good quality science and the psychological/social control reasons (creating fear, compliance, etc). The video also includes the NZ Ministry of Health response to an OIA request, where they confirm masks serve another purpose - to prompt people to follow the other regulations (social distancing, scanning in, etc). 

Dr. Gary Sidley: 3 Reasons Why Face Masks Are the

Most Insidious of All Restrictions



Those who seem bent on us never getting rid of masks, unwittingly help Dr. Byram Bridle demonstrate why the kinds of masks they've mandated us to wear for the last 20 months, don't actually work.

New Zealand's Mask Mandaters Unwittingly Help Dr. Byram Bridle Demonstrate Why Face Masks Don't Work








Michael Baker admits that viruses are carried via aerosols and Professor Denis Rancourt explains exactly how aerosols escape mask wearing and can infect a person's lungs.


  "Masks Are The Key Protection From Aerosols" Is That What You See? 
















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