What is the fuss about masks

We have been tricked in believing that wearing face coverings is mandatory. There are however a few caveats around face masks:

Face masks do not work as can be seen in this video where Dr Theodore Noel vapes through a face mask and

in this research done in Denmark.

This next video clearly illustrates the effect of masks on the spread of Covid is not only negligible, but actually reversed: wearing masks seems to trigger the

spread of Covid.

And here is a list of studies done on the effectiveness of face masks when it comes to spreading a virus, basically stating there is no scientific evidence that face masks actually work.

In all cases it is obviously clear that face masks do nothing to protect against whatever virus.

This article explains these masks are a ticking time bomb as they are being used and disposed off in huge quantities (3 Million every minute), containing a lot of plastics that end up in our environment as microplastics.

Our government has been telling lie after lie and changing direction several times in the past regarding face masks as can be seen in this video.

Wearing masks is harmful.

​​​​​This study shows there is significant

psychological harm done to children that are

forced to wear a mask.

This study illustrates the rise of pneumonia from wearing face masks.

In this video the negative and dangerous effects masks have on your respiratory system are explained by an occupation respiratory expert.

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